Daniel Horowitz

Daniel Horowitz - Digital Trends | Best Pitch I Ever Got

Daniel Horowitz is a freelance writer covering tech, games and culture for various outlets including USA Today, Complex, Heavy, Elite Daily, Unwinnable Magazine, The Suit Magazine, and most frequently, Digital Trends. He also works in PR so he understands the important role pitching can play in journalism and appreciates a personalized pitch with an opportunity to meet the subject in person.

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Elton Jones

Elton Jones - Heavy | Best Pitch I Ever Got

Elton Jones is a freelance writer who most frequently covers video games and entertainment for the online publication, Heavy. He’s most interested in exclusives but you might also be able to catch his eye with a slick screenshot gallery or tips guide for popular video and mobile games.

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Lisa Horten

Lisa Horten - Stroller Traffic | Best Pitch I Ever Got

Lisa Horten has spent her entire career in publishing, from luxury glossies to digital media site PopSugar. She now serves as Editorial Director for StrollerTraffic, a popular parenting site and newsletter, where she loves hearing about new products for families. In our interview she shares a real pitch that worked for her and some best practices for pitching.

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Jeremy Kaplan

Jeremy Kaplan - Digital Trends | Best Pitch I Ever Got

Jeremy Kaplan is the Editor-In-Chief for He grew up surrounded by technology and with a fascination for tinkering with things from computers to engines, though he’d always hoped to end up a book publisher. As Editor-In-Chief for a technology publication, it sounds like he landed somewhere in between.

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Jeff Haden

Jeff Haden -, Inc. Magazine | Best Pitch I Ever Got

Jeff Haden is a columnist for and Inc. Magazine with a unique background in manufacturing. His writing covers topics like productivity, leadership and personal improvement, but make sure he knows who you are before sending him a blind pitch that won’t get opened.

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Adam Popescu

Adam Popescue - Smashd, PLayboy, TechCrunch, Daily Dot, Fast Company, The Verge | Best Pitch I Ever Got

In one of our most in-depth interviews, prolific writer Adam Popescu talks about the media business, how tech might be too big a beat for any writer, and how the topic of power continues to fascinate him and inspire his writing.

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David Moye

David Moye - Huffington Post| Best Pitch I Ever Got

David Moye is truly one-of-a-kind, as you’ll see in our interview. Aptly referred to as the Czar of Bizarre, David has been writing about “weird” news for 20 years, most recently for the Huffington Post. Before that he was reading palms as a professional psychic and dabbling in PR. If you have a client with some truly weird news, be sure to read this interview for some of David’s specific best pitch advice.

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David Pogue

David Pogue - Yahoo Tech, Scientific America, NOVA, CBS "Sunday Morning"| Best Pitch I Ever Got

If you keep up with technology news, David Pogue will be a familiar name. From writing the weekly tech column for the New York Times for 13 years, to launching Yahoo Tech in 2013, David is a tech media veteran with plenty of pitching advice to share. In our interview, he shares two of his favorite pitches, both of which are quite clever and unique. He’s seen thousands of pitches throughout his career so the more personalized and creative, the better.

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Amber Katz

Amber Katz - Refinery29, Teen Vogue, Estee Lauder, Allure, Self | Best Pitch I Ever Got

Beauty and fitness writer Amber Katz appears in major lifestyle sites ranging from to Refinery29 and Yahoo Beauty. Her own blog, Rouge18, has a loyal legion of readers who have been following Amber’s work since 2006 (back when it was called Beauty Blogging Junkie), and her love of pop culture shows up in references throughout her writing. Amber cares about trends that are just about to hit the mainstream, so if you have your finger on the pulse of something that’s about to get big, read on to see how to pitch her your story.

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Jeana Lee Tahnk

Jeana Lee Tahnk - Mashable, Huffington Post, Cool Mom Tech, Parenting | Best Pitch I Ever Got

Jeana Lee Tahnk, a.k.a the Top Tech Mom, is a technology aficionado whose eyes are always on the latest gear, gadgets and apps that impact kids and family life. After a stint in tech PR she made her way into journalism, and now regularly contributes product roundups and features for outlets like The Huffington Post, Mashable, Cool Mom Tech, Parenting and Top Tech Mom. When pitching Jeana, keep it concise and get to the point fast.

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