Elton Jones is a freelance writer who most frequently covers video games and entertainment for the online publication, Heavy. He’s most interested in exclusives but you might also be able to catch his eye with a slick screenshot gallery or tips guide for popular video and mobile games.

1. What publications/ outlets are you currently reporting for?

The main digital publication I currently write for is Heavy.

Twitter: @theerj
Instagram: @erj5388
LinkedIn: Elton Jones

2. What topics/ beats/ stories are of special interest to you right now?

I tend to compose articles that focus on video games, wrestling and various other forms of entertainment.

3. Please provide a brief bio.

So the name’s Elton “Not John” Jones. You probably saw my name & mistook me for being a man of Caucasian descent. I’m actually a really tall & slim black dude lol. I hail from South Ozone Park (QUEENS, BABY!), NY. I have way too many interests, so I’ll list a few of them: gaming, wrestling, MMA, anime, music (playing it via the drums & constantly listening to it) etc. I’m halfway Jamaican thanks to my Mother’s roots and I definitely have a hint of BK attitude within me since my Father hails from Brooklyn. If I didn’t have a career in journalism, I truly have no idea what else I’d be doing…

4. Why did you become a journalist?

As a young kid, I came to realize my strengths and weaknesses early. I got the majority of my high grades due to my writing. Once I figured out how terrible I was at Math and Science, I zeroed in on excelling at what I knew best: English and Language Arts. After high school, I made sure to take Communications as a major in college and figure out how to do this professionally.

5. What stories (or project) of yours are you most proud of and why?

So back when I was interning for Complex (shout out to Peter Rubin!), I got the chance to interview one of my idols: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin! Hearing his rugged voice over the phone tripped me out so much, but I managed to keep my composure and ask him the questions I prepared for him. This was a crowning achievement for me. To pull off something like this AS AN INTERN was huge, dude. Check it out right here.

6. What’s the best pitch you ever got?

From a PR standpoint, I just happened to receive a legendary pitch regarding the release of EA’s recently released Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. It was a series of cool interviews that delved into every important aspect of that game. You can check out the finished product with all the following articles:

‘Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’ Exclusive Interview: ‘The Rise of Faith’ With Christofer Emgård

‘Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’ Exclusive Interview: ‘The Social Playground’ With Jeremy Miller

‘Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’ Exclusive Interview: ‘Running Free in a Massive City’ With Jeremy Miller

‘Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’ Exclusive Interview: ‘Fluid Movement & Combat’ With Jeremy Miller

A legendary pitch has to be something that I haven’t seen covered anywhere else yet, such as a new character reveal trailer for an upcoming fighting game or a Q&A session with a big time professional wrestler. In my opinion, the pitches that are far from extraordinary are the ones that just offer up basic news updates. Those do okay, but the posts that focus on presenting me exclusive information do a lot better. Honestly, the more outside the box the better!

7. What was so good about it?

The fact that the pitch I just mentioned was strictly interviews with the geniuses behind a AAA-game made it extra memorable.

8. What are some tips for people who want to pitch you a story?

I usually get the majority of pitches in my inbox from PR people behind video games, wrestling and the majority of other topics pertaining to geek culture. When it comes to which ones I tend to respond to the most, they usually revolve around exclusive interview sessions with the developers behind huge games. Or even slick screenshot galleries with brief descriptions or tips guides (even ones for mobile games). Pitches like that will usually get my attention more than anything.

9. What’s something most people don’t know about you?

Most people don’t know that I jam out to the theme song for the 80’s cartoon Jem & The Holograms. Don’t judge me…