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Jeana Lee Tahnk

Jeana Lee Tahnk - Mashable, Huffington Post, Cool Mom Tech, Parenting | Best Pitch I Ever Got

Jeana Lee Tahnk, a.k.a the Top Tech Mom, is a technology aficionado whose eyes are always on the latest gear, gadgets and apps that impact kids and family life. After a stint in tech PR she made her way into journalism, and now regularly contributes product roundups and features for outlets like The Huffington Post, Mashable, Cool Mom Tech, Parenting and Top Tech Mom. When pitching Jeana, keep it concise and get to the point fast.

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Jonathan Novack

Jonathan Novack - ABC7 Los Angeles | Best Pitch I Ever Got

As a feature and tech reporter for ABC7 Eyewitness News in Los Angeles, correspondent for On The Red Carpet, and meteorologist for LA56-KDOC/ ABC7 News, Jonathan Novack is known for his unique, signature style. In our interview he talks about being creative in your pitches, considering your angle and staying flexible.

We promise you’ll like this interview. You’ll laugh, you’ll learn, you’ll dig the GIFs.

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Carley Knobloch

Carley Knobloch - The Today Show, CNN, HGTV, DigiKnow| Best Pitch I Ever Got

Digital lifestyle expert Carley Knobloch is an on-air host and online personality for HGTV, CNN, DigiKnow, The Today Show and her popular Carley K blog. Below she shares an actual email that hit all the points she’s looking for in the ideal pitch, and spells out the must-haves when getting the word out for your product.

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Lindsay MacLeod

Lindsay MacLeod - KRON4 | Best Pitch I Ever Got

As a producer for the San Francisco Bay Area’s KRON 4 Morning News, Lindsay offers great insights on how to pitch for TV and make sure that your story isn’t getting lost in a mountain of emails. It’s about catering to a newscast’s schedule and making sure you get all the relevant details right up front.

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Natali Morris

Natali Morris - The Today Show/ CNBC | Best Pitch I Ever Got

Many of you already know Natali. As a contributor for CNBC and The Today Show covering tech, finance and retail, and as a former fixture at places like CNET and PC Magazine, she’s developed a huge following over the years. If you didn’t catch her Skype panel with Vice President Joe Biden, check it out below.  

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Paul Sawers

Paul Sawers - VentureBeat | Best Pitch I Ever Got

Paul is VentureBeat’s European Correspondent covering the region’s startups, mobile apps and financial technology. Previously at The Next Web, Paul talked about how to pitch your startup, and talks a bit more about himself and how to approach a journalist in our interview.

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Jarrett Hill

Jarrett Hill - ABC's The Tampa Bay Now | Best Pitch I Ever Got

Jarrett Hill is a reporter on ABC’s The Now Tampa Bay where he often covers apps and tech, a Huffington Post contributor known for his cultural thought pieces, and even produces and hosts his own podcast, Back2Reality. If we had to pick one word to describe Jarrett it would be “entertainer.” Though he holds many titles, including the lesser known cheesecake connoisseur, we find that no matter which hat he is wearing that day, Jarrett always seeks to entertain his audience. In our interview, he shares the story of how he knew he was meant for a career in broadcast as well as some really helpful tips on how to pitch him.

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Rick Limpert

Rick Limpert - The Examiner | Best Pitch I Ever Got

Rick is a prolific sports and technology writer, and was named the No. 1 sports technology writer in the U.S. according to Quantcast. Here he shares his tips for a solid pitch, his true love for the Greenbay Packers, and growing up in a tennis family.

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