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Jeff Haden

Jeff Haden -, Inc. Magazine | Best Pitch I Ever Got

Jeff Haden is a columnist for and Inc. Magazine with a unique background in manufacturing. His writing covers topics like productivity, leadership and personal improvement, but make sure he knows who you are before sending him a blind pitch that won’t get opened.

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Matt Villano

Matt Villano -Entrepreneur, Expedia Viewfinder, Wall Street Journal| Best Pitch I Ever Got

Matt Villano is one of those writers who you can find everywhere, both in media and in the physical world. His stories take him across the globe for outlets like Entrepreneur, Expedia Viewfinder, The Wall Street Journal, Alaska Airlines and Travel + Leisure, to name just a few. In our interview, Matt provides several applicable tips for anyone looking to pitch him – for instance, try pitching him after 10pm for a quick response, and forget telling him where your client has already been published.

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Stephen J. Bronner

Stephen J Bronner - Entrepreneur Magazine | Best Pitch I Ever Got

As Contributors Editor at, Stephen Bronner works with entrepreneurs, founders and visionaries to grow the site’s thought leadership community. He’s been a journalist all his life and goes to great lengths in order to curate meaningful, contributed content that Entrepreneur readers can benefit from. In our interview, he shares one of the best pitches he’s ever gotten, and a little more about his life as an editor.

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Erin Griffith

Erin Griffith - Fortune | Best Pitch I Ever Got
As a Fortune Staff writer focusing on startups, consumer web and big tech, Erin’s writing goes beyond the surface of a typical tech story to uncover signals of what lies ahead. Her articles also appear in Time and Entrepreneur, and her regular appearances on Fortune’s Tech Debate show look at the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of big player moves. You’ll find that Erin’s work goes beyond trend and well into the world of analysis.

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