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Lindsay MacLeod

Lindsay MacLeod - KRON4 | Best Pitch I Ever Got

As a producer for the San Francisco Bay Area’s KRON 4 Morning News, Lindsay offers great insights on how to pitch for TV and make sure that your story isn’t getting lost in a mountain of emails. It’s about catering to a newscast’s schedule and making sure you get all the relevant details right up front.

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Christopher Elliott

Christopher Elliott - Huffington Post, Washington Post | Best Pitch I Ever Got

If you ask us, Christopher has a dream job. He’s not only found his calling, but made travel and consumer advocacy his life’s work. Like so many other journalists we meet, his career almost took a very different turn, but in the end Christopher always knew what he was truly meant to be doing. As a writer for major publications like USA Today and Huffington Post (among other top-tier outlets) it takes a little more to impress him with a story. Here, he shares his insight on the best pitch he ever got.

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