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Daniel Horowitz

Daniel Horowitz - Digital Trends | Best Pitch I Ever Got

Daniel Horowitz is a freelance writer covering tech, games and culture for various outlets including USA Today, Complex, Heavy, Elite Daily, Unwinnable Magazine, The Suit Magazine, and most frequently, Digital Trends. He also works in PR so he understands the important role pitching can play in journalism and appreciates a personalized pitch with an opportunity to meet the subject in person.

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Jarrett Hill

Jarrett Hill - ABC's The Tampa Bay Now | Best Pitch I Ever Got

Jarrett Hill is a reporter on ABC’s The Now Tampa Bay where he often covers apps and tech, a Huffington Post contributor known for his cultural thought pieces, and even produces and hosts his own podcast, Back2Reality. If we had to pick one word to describe Jarrett it would be “entertainer.” Though he holds many titles, including the lesser known cheesecake connoisseur, we find that no matter which hat he is wearing that day, Jarrett always seeks to entertain his audience. In our interview, he shares the story of how he knew he was meant for a career in broadcast as well as some really helpful tips on how to pitch him.

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Zach Schonfeld

Zach Schonfeld - Newsweek | Best Pitch I Ever Got

Zach is a Newsweek writer and chances are you’ve come across his cultural stories (and if you’re a PR person, then someone has probably sent you his article ‘I Read and Replied to Every Single PR Email I Received for a Week‘). He has a distinct voice and tells us that the best pitches he receives are those that speak to him personally. So if you want to pitch Zach, get to know him first. Lucky for you, he shares more about himself in our interview.

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