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Jeff Haden

Jeff Haden -, Inc. Magazine | Best Pitch I Ever Got

Jeff Haden is a columnist for and Inc. Magazine with a unique background in manufacturing. His writing covers topics like productivity, leadership and personal improvement, but make sure he knows who you are before sending him a blind pitch that won’t get opened.

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Stephen J. Bronner

Stephen J Bronner - Entrepreneur Magazine | Best Pitch I Ever Got

As Contributors Editor at, Stephen Bronner works with entrepreneurs, founders and visionaries to grow the site’s thought leadership community. He’s been a journalist all his life and goes to great lengths in order to curate meaningful, contributed content that Entrepreneur readers can benefit from. In our interview, he shares one of the best pitches he’s ever gotten, and a little more about his life as an editor.

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Kira Newman

Kira Newman - Tech.Co, Greater Good Magazine | Best Pitch I Ever Got

It’s Kira’s job to help PR people get better at their craft. She’s a freelance reporter covering entrepreneurship and happiness, and also offers PR coaching for startups and PR pros that need help in crafting their stories. We were especially interested in speaking with her about what makes a good pitch and how to specifically approach her with a story. Kira shares an actual pitch that worked, her checklist for PR outreach, and the online forums where you can find her chatting about The Science Of Happiness.

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Eilene Zimmerman

Eilene Zimmerman - Forbes, The New York Times, The Atlantic| Best Pitch I Ever Got
Eilene’s 20+ years in journalism have made her a tech and business expert writing for top tier outlets like The New York Times and The Atlantic, among others. She’s covered industry news and emerging trends across the board, but her advice for a good pitch is surprisingly practical. Simply understanding the basics will go a long way when communicating with a reporter.

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