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Daniel Horowitz

Daniel Horowitz - Digital Trends | Best Pitch I Ever Got

Daniel Horowitz is a freelance writer covering tech, games and culture for various outlets including USA Today, Complex, Heavy, Elite Daily, Unwinnable Magazine, The Suit Magazine, and most frequently, Digital Trends. He also works in PR so he understands the important role pitching can play in journalism and appreciates a personalized pitch with an opportunity to meet the subject in person.

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Larry Frum

Larry Frum - Best Pitch I Ever Got | We interview journalists and producers to find out what was so special about the best pitch they ever got. You learn how to better connect with the people behind the headlines.

Larry Frum is a multi-faceted man who has found his true calling in journalism. If he’s not gaming or working on his latest story then you might find him experimenting in the kitchen or out playing some ice hockey. In our interview we find out that Larry appreciates pitches that are not only relevant to his publications’ niche topics, but will also speak to a larger global audience. Keep an eye out for him on CNN, his blog, and who knows, perhaps even the Food Network someday.

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