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Alan Henry

Alan Henry - Lifehacker| Best Pitch I Ever Got
Alan Henry is the Deputy Editor of Lifehacker, a wildly popular Gawker Media site that’s received numerous accolades over the years and is a favorite among tech-centric lifestyle readers. A “recovering physicist,” Alan’s own writing often delves into the bigger questions of daily life.
So what pitch has stood out in his mind over the years? Hint: it didn’t come from a big PR agency.

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Paul Sawers

Paul Sawers - VentureBeat | Best Pitch I Ever Got

Paul is VentureBeat’s European Correspondent covering the region’s startups, mobile apps and financial technology. Previously at The Next Web, Paul talked about how to pitch your startup, and talks a bit more about himself and how to approach a journalist in our interview.

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Lance Ulanoff

Lance Ulanoff - Mashable | Best Pitch I Ever Got

Lance Ulanoff is the Chief Correspondent and Editor-at-Large of Mashable, as well as a fixture in the consumer tech world, often making special network appearances at places like The Today Show and CNBC. If you follow him on Instagram or watch his Vines, you know he shares a passion for tech, entertainment and animation with his thousands of followers. His insight as editorial leader for one of the biggest online news sites is invaluable and here he shares his thoughts on what makes a good pitch.

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