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Kira Newman

Kira Newman - Tech.Co, Greater Good Magazine | Best Pitch I Ever Got

It’s Kira’s job to help PR people get better at their craft. She’s a freelance reporter covering entrepreneurship and happiness, and also offers PR coaching for startups and PR pros that need help in crafting their stories. We were especially interested in speaking with her about what makes a good pitch and how to specifically approach her with a story. Kira shares an actual pitch that worked, her checklist for PR outreach, and the online forums where you can find her chatting about The Science Of Happiness.

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Elizabeth Landau

Elizabeth Landau - NASA| Best Pitch I Ever Got

Elizabeth has had a long career at the forefront of science and health journalism and she has advice that rings true for pitching media in any vertical or tier. As Media Relations Specialist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and former CNN staff writer she emphasizes presenting the human side of your story. Whether by words or by pictures, find the best way to make a writer care.

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