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David Pogue

David Pogue - Yahoo Tech, Scientific America, NOVA, CBS "Sunday Morning"| Best Pitch I Ever Got

If you keep up with technology news, David Pogue will be a familiar name. From writing the weekly tech column for the New York Times for 13 years, to launching Yahoo Tech in 2013, David is a tech media veteran with plenty of pitching advice to share. In our interview, he shares two of his favorite pitches, both of which are quite clever and unique. He’s seen thousands of pitches throughout his career so the more personalized and creative, the better.

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Matt Villano

Matt Villano -Entrepreneur, Expedia Viewfinder, Wall Street Journal| Best Pitch I Ever Got

Matt Villano is one of those writers who you can find everywhere, both in media and in the physical world. His stories take him across the globe for outlets like Entrepreneur, Expedia Viewfinder, The Wall Street Journal, Alaska Airlines and Travel + Leisure, to name just a few. In our interview, Matt provides several applicable tips for anyone looking to pitch him – for instance, try pitching him after 10pm for a quick response, and forget telling him where your client has already been published.

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Elizabeth Landau

Elizabeth Landau - NASA| Best Pitch I Ever Got

Elizabeth has had a long career at the forefront of science and health journalism and she has advice that rings true for pitching media in any vertical or tier. As Media Relations Specialist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and former CNN staff writer she emphasizes presenting the human side of your story. Whether by words or by pictures, find the best way to make a writer care.

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Lance Ulanoff

Lance Ulanoff - Mashable | Best Pitch I Ever Got

Lance Ulanoff is the Chief Correspondent and Editor-at-Large of Mashable, as well as a fixture in the consumer tech world, often making special network appearances at places like The Today Show and CNBC. If you follow him on Instagram or watch his Vines, you know he shares a passion for tech, entertainment and animation with his thousands of followers. His insight as editorial leader for one of the biggest online news sites is invaluable and here he shares his thoughts on what makes a good pitch.

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Larry Frum

Larry Frum - Best Pitch I Ever Got | We interview journalists and producers to find out what was so special about the best pitch they ever got. You learn how to better connect with the people behind the headlines.

Larry Frum is a multi-faceted man who has found his true calling in journalism. If he’s not gaming or working on his latest story then you might find him experimenting in the kitchen or out playing some ice hockey. In our interview we find out that Larry appreciates pitches that are not only relevant to his publications’ niche topics, but will also speak to a larger global audience. Keep an eye out for him on CNN, his blog, and who knows, perhaps even the Food Network someday.

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