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Jeff Haden

Jeff Haden -, Inc. Magazine | Best Pitch I Ever Got

Jeff Haden is a columnist for and Inc. Magazine with a unique background in manufacturing. His writing covers topics like productivity, leadership and personal improvement, but make sure he knows who you are before sending him a blind pitch that won’t get opened.

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Stephen J. Bronner

Stephen J Bronner - Entrepreneur Magazine | Best Pitch I Ever Got

As Contributors Editor at, Stephen Bronner works with entrepreneurs, founders and visionaries to grow the site’s thought leadership community. He’s been a journalist all his life and goes to great lengths in order to curate meaningful, contributed content that Entrepreneur readers can benefit from. In our interview, he shares one of the best pitches he’s ever gotten, and a little more about his life as an editor.

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Tory Johnson

Tory Johnson - ABC Good Morning America | Best Pitch I Ever Got

If Tory loves your product, then so will millions of Americans who watch her weekly deals segment on Good Morning America. Don’t bother pitching her if you don’t watch the show – Tory has spent years developing a devoted following who trust her recommendations, and she works hard to find the perfect products for her nationwide viewership. Read on to see what Tory is really looking for in a pitch.

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Rick Limpert

Rick Limpert - The Examiner | Best Pitch I Ever Got

Rick is a prolific sports and technology writer, and was named the No. 1 sports technology writer in the U.S. according to Quantcast. Here he shares his tips for a solid pitch, his true love for the Greenbay Packers, and growing up in a tennis family.

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