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Daniel Horowitz

Daniel Horowitz - Digital Trends | Best Pitch I Ever Got

Daniel Horowitz is a freelance writer covering tech, games and culture for various outlets including USA Today, Complex, Heavy, Elite Daily, Unwinnable Magazine, The Suit Magazine, and most frequently, Digital Trends. He also works in PR so he understands the important role pitching can play in journalism and appreciates a personalized pitch with an opportunity to meet the subject in person.

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Jeremy Kaplan

Jeremy Kaplan - Digital Trends | Best Pitch I Ever Got

Jeremy Kaplan is the Editor-In-Chief for He grew up surrounded by technology and with a fascination for tinkering with things from computers to engines, though he’d always hoped to end up a book publisher. As Editor-In-Chief for a technology publication, it sounds like he landed somewhere in between.

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Adam Popescu

Adam Popescue - Smashd, PLayboy, TechCrunch, Daily Dot, Fast Company, The Verge | Best Pitch I Ever Got

In one of our most in-depth interviews, prolific writer Adam Popescu talks about the media business, how tech might be too big a beat for any writer, and how the topic of power continues to fascinate him and inspire his writing.

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David Pogue

David Pogue - Yahoo Tech, Scientific America, NOVA, CBS "Sunday Morning"| Best Pitch I Ever Got

If you keep up with technology news, David Pogue will be a familiar name. From writing the weekly tech column for the New York Times for 13 years, to launching Yahoo Tech in 2013, David is a tech media veteran with plenty of pitching advice to share. In our interview, he shares two of his favorite pitches, both of which are quite clever and unique. He’s seen thousands of pitches throughout his career so the more personalized and creative, the better.

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Matt Villano

Matt Villano -Entrepreneur, Expedia Viewfinder, Wall Street Journal| Best Pitch I Ever Got

Matt Villano is one of those writers who you can find everywhere, both in media and in the physical world. His stories take him across the globe for outlets like Entrepreneur, Expedia Viewfinder, The Wall Street Journal, Alaska Airlines and Travel + Leisure, to name just a few. In our interview, Matt provides several applicable tips for anyone looking to pitch him – for instance, try pitching him after 10pm for a quick response, and forget telling him where your client has already been published.

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Steve O’Hear

Steve O'Hear - TechCrunch| Best Pitch I Ever Got

Steve O’Hear is a prominent tech journalist who is deeply embedded in the startup and VC community. He co-founded his own European startup, as well as wrote and directed the acclaimed Silicon Valley documentary ‘In Search of the Valley.’ Steve has a deep passion for the industry and has made it his personal mission to “shine a light on the important tech stories, startups, products and topics of the day.”

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Jonathan Novack

Jonathan Novack - ABC7 Los Angeles | Best Pitch I Ever Got

As a feature and tech reporter for ABC7 Eyewitness News in Los Angeles, correspondent for On The Red Carpet, and meteorologist for LA56-KDOC/ ABC7 News, Jonathan Novack is known for his unique, signature style. In our interview he talks about being creative in your pitches, considering your angle and staying flexible.

We promise you’ll like this interview. You’ll laugh, you’ll learn, you’ll dig the GIFs.

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Matthew Flamm

Matthew Flamm - Crain's New York | Best Pitch I Ever Got

As Senior Business Reporter for Crain’s New York, Matthew Flamm’s reporting goes deeper than the typical NYC headline, and his stories illuminate both local and national trends in the tech and media sectors. Although just a small fraction of his articles come from pitches, he offers advice on how to reach out when you have a story that matters.

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Carley Knobloch

Carley Knobloch - The Today Show, CNN, HGTV, DigiKnow| Best Pitch I Ever Got

Digital lifestyle expert Carley Knobloch is an on-air host and online personality for HGTV, CNN, DigiKnow, The Today Show and her popular Carley K blog. Below she shares an actual email that hit all the points she’s looking for in the ideal pitch, and spells out the must-haves when getting the word out for your product.

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Eilene Zimmerman

Eilene Zimmerman - Forbes, The New York Times, The Atlantic| Best Pitch I Ever Got
Eilene’s 20+ years in journalism have made her a tech and business expert writing for top tier outlets like The New York Times and The Atlantic, among others. She’s covered industry news and emerging trends across the board, but her advice for a good pitch is surprisingly practical. Simply understanding the basics will go a long way when communicating with a reporter.

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