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Adam Popescu

Adam Popescue - Smashd, PLayboy, TechCrunch, Daily Dot, Fast Company, The Verge | Best Pitch I Ever Got

In one of our most in-depth interviews, prolific writer Adam Popescu talks about the media business, how tech might be too big a beat for any writer, and how the topic of power continues to fascinate him and inspire his writing.

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Amber Katz

Amber Katz - Refinery29, Teen Vogue, Estee Lauder, Allure, Self | Best Pitch I Ever Got

Beauty and fitness writer Amber Katz appears in major lifestyle sites ranging from to Refinery29 and Yahoo Beauty. Her own blog, Rouge18, has a loyal legion of readers who have been following Amber’s work since 2006 (back when it was called Beauty Blogging Junkie), and her love of pop culture shows up in references throughout her writing. Amber cares about trends that are just about to hit the mainstream, so if you have your finger on the pulse of something that’s about to get big, read on to see how to pitch her your story.

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Matt Villano

Matt Villano -Entrepreneur, Expedia Viewfinder, Wall Street Journal| Best Pitch I Ever Got

Matt Villano is one of those writers who you can find everywhere, both in media and in the physical world. His stories take him across the globe for outlets like Entrepreneur, Expedia Viewfinder, The Wall Street Journal, Alaska Airlines and Travel + Leisure, to name just a few. In our interview, Matt provides several applicable tips for anyone looking to pitch him – for instance, try pitching him after 10pm for a quick response, and forget telling him where your client has already been published.

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Aly Walansky

Aly Walansky - Men’s Journal, Paste Magazine, Sherman’s Travel| Best Pitch I Ever Got

Aly Walansky is a freelance writer who covers food, travel, beauty and other lifestyle topics and products for publications like Men’s Journal, Paste Magazine,, and many, many more. You might catch her HARO queries from time to time but make sure you you read this interview before pitching her. One piece of advice straight from Aly: research her like you’d research a date – they’re both important relationships, and including a personal touch will go a long way.

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Christopher Elliott

Christopher Elliott - Huffington Post, Washington Post | Best Pitch I Ever Got

If you ask us, Christopher has a dream job. He’s not only found his calling, but made travel and consumer advocacy his life’s work. Like so many other journalists we meet, his career almost took a very different turn, but in the end Christopher always knew what he was truly meant to be doing. As a writer for major publications like USA Today and Huffington Post (among other top-tier outlets) it takes a little more to impress him with a story. Here, he shares his insight on the best pitch he ever got.

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