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Stephen J. Bronner

Stephen J Bronner - Entrepreneur Magazine | Best Pitch I Ever Got

As Contributors Editor at, Stephen Bronner works with entrepreneurs, founders and visionaries to grow the site’s thought leadership community. He’s been a journalist all his life and goes to great lengths in order to curate meaningful, contributed content that Entrepreneur readers can benefit from. In our interview, he shares one of the best pitches he’s ever gotten, and a little more about his life as an editor.

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Heather Taylor

Heather Taylor - HelloGiggles, Advertising Week | Best Pitch I Ever Got

“I’ll write about anything once.” Heather Taylor, like most writers we interview, has a deep connection to her craft. Her work ranges from industry thought pieces to highly personal and revealing articles. She loves being pitched interviews, and she loves the kinds of stories that transform her as a person – if it’s inspiring, Heather will pay attention.

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